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Marketing and AI News KW 52 2023


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This week Top News in AI

Google’s Next-Gen AI Model Gemini Outperforms GPT-4:

Google has introduced Gemini, a new AI model, which reportedly surpasses ChatGPT in most tests, demonstrating advanced reasoning and multimodal capabilities (understanding text, audio, images, video, and code). Gemini comes in three versions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. Ultra, the most powerful, outperforms human experts in a multitasking test and will power a new code-writing tool, AlphaCode2. It's set for a 2024 public release following external testing. The Pro and Nano versions, integrated into Google's Bard chatbot and Android mobile phones respectively, are being released in over 170 countries, excluding the UK and EU due to regulatory clearance. Despite its advancements, Gemini still faces challenges with "hallucinations" or false answers, an ongoing research problem in AI.

Link to the full Article

AI News Anchor goes Viral:

A new AI-driven news channel is set to launch in 2024, featuring AI news anchors. Its first episode showcase on X (formerly Twitter) went viral, amassing over 700K views in under 24 hours. Public reactions are mixed, with some expressing concern while others are impressed. Check out the tweet and share your thoughts.

AI App of the week

Obviously would be that I name Gemini now after that article but that would be too boring, wouldn’t it? So I decided to show you a gamechanger I recommended for a customer this week: POSTWISE.AI

This week's spotlight is on POSTWISE.AI, a game-changing tool for effortless content generation on Twitter and LinkedIn. While it can't fully replicate the authenticity of personal posts, it comes close by learning your unique tone and opinions. Ideal for those not fully committed to social media marketing or lacking dedicated staff, POSTWISE.AI allows for scheduling posts up to two months in advance. In today's digital landscape, content is king, and reach is the new currency. POSTWISE.AI is worth exploring for those seeking an efficient content strategy.

Marketing hit of the week

Tesla's marketing prowess shines again with a viral video showcasing a race between their Cybertruck and a Porsche 911 – with a twist. The Cybertruck, towing a Porsche 911, wins the quarter-mile race. This creative showcase sparked a flurry of memes and millions of views in just days.

Here is the Video:

Marketing Words of the Week

"Content is king" is more than a phrase; it's a fundamental truth in today's marketing world. Reach is the new currency, gaining value daily. Effective reach means never being out of business. To build an audience, focus not only on your brand but also on what interests your target demographic. Take GoPro's Instagram as an example: they don't just showcase their cameras but the incredible moments captured with them, appealing directly to their audience's interests. Emulate this approach to resonate with your audience on their preferred platforms.

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