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AI Automation and Marketing

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Core Values

Our company values

Hard work
Hard work is the cornerstone of our ethos, driving us to consistently deliver results, surpass expectations, and set new benchmarks for excellence in everything we undertake
Data Driven Dedication
We believe in making informed decisions, harnessing the power of data to guide our strategies, ensuring measurable results and continuous growth for our clients
Recognizing that no one has mastery over everything, we unite our diverse skill sets, collaboratively bridging gaps and leveraging collective expertise to achieve unparalleled results."


Meet the Founder

Patrick Müller
CEO & Founder
Why I founded ASAPHUB
In 2019, driven by a passion to explore the global landscape of marketing and sales, I left my native Germany for Asia. This move wasn't merely a change in location; it marked my commitment to understanding international market dynamics.

Before establishing ASAP HUB, my career spanned several esteemed international agencies. I've had the privilege of leading over a thousand sales and marketing agents, starting from the grassroots of door-to-door marketing, advancing through the transformative era of social media marketing and being now an pioneer in the AI Marketing Space!

While I've contributed to larger teams that collaborated with powerhouses like Unicef, Welthungerhilfe, BMW, and Telefonica (O2 Germany), my vision has always been inclusive. With the birth of ASAP HUB, I've worked with brands of all sizes, spanning sectors from Beauty and Fashion to Automotive, E-commerce, and the vibrant world of Influencer businesses.

I believe, "Every brand, big or small, deserves the same chance to establish theirself on the Market ." Merging my foundation in traditional marketing with innovative digital AI techniques, I'm dedicated to reshaping the way businesses approach sales and marketing today.

Lets do great work together, I can’t wait to get to know you.